NARS Lipstick: Full Frontal, Red Lizard, Scarlet Empress, Srinagar [Swatches & Review]

I love NARS lipsticks. They are a really nice formula and are never drying (well, the pure matte ones are by nature). I was at Sephora recently and I’ve been wanting to buy Red Lizard and I went a little above and beyond and got a few shades. Aren’t they beautiful?! Okay, Full Frontal (this […]

January 30: Face of the Day

So, I decided to retry my eye look with my Dior Rosy Tan palette because…the colors really are gorgeous. So, I think it’s a bit better. I use ALL of the colors – pink all over the eyelid of course though. Also went back to my Zoeva pen which I heart so much. I didn’t […]

January 29: Face of the Day

Stopped by Sephora on the way home and I was so tickled that the associate was interested in looking at my blog. Awww, I felt pretty darn special – THANKS SEPHORA ASSOCIATE! I had a lovely little splurge (okay, it was a big splurge and pretty much all lip color). A girl can’t have enough […]

January 28: Face of the Day

It’s a “snow day” here in the midwest. Well…not really a SNOW DAY more like…”it’s too cold to be outside” day. This is the first year, in the 5 that I’ve lived here, that we’ve had days like this. It’s kinda cool! So, I did a really simple look. I used some of the lightest […]

January 27: Face of the Day

So, I haven’t done much with my Anastasia Lavish palette and today I used it and OMG! The purple and I – complete love. I mean love that knows no boundaries. I flippin’ love these shadows – I used the light pink on the inner corner, and the two browns to blend and go into […]

Nails of the Week: 1/27/2014 Julep & OPI

So my love affair with Julep continues. I really ought to get some sort of display shrine for all of their polishes at this point because…woah…I have MANY. Anyhow, I used Coco this week which is just a gorgeous oxblood red – sorry the picture doesn’t show the shine very well…lighting…meh…real world problems people. Brand: […]

New Beauty Test Tube: An un-boxing of JOY! [YouTube Video]

My un-boxing of a product from New Beauty Magazine! I really liked it! Got a few full sized products and a Mally eyeliner that I’m just nutso over!

January 26: Face of the Day

Okay, since Saturday is my NO makeup day here is my Sunday face of the day or rather eye of the day since I kind of fell in love with it. I love the palette I used – I regret not getting it’s sister palette but this one is just gorgeous. It’s by Shu Uemura […]

ULTA Skincare HAUL of insanity!

So, I poseted earlier part of my ULTA skincare haul – this is the rest of it the came by mail. I’ll give you a list of the products I purchased but I’m not reviewing them at the moment but please feel free to ask for a review of any of the products. Always happy. […]

Getting Started with Makeup: MAC Cosmetics [YouTube Video]

This is my first YouTube video and I hope it helps you get to know me a little better. Surprise! I wear glasses. Lol, I figured I couldn’t film semi-blind. I wanted to really give a big thank you to MAC Cosmetics for really getting me started with makeup. And thanks to the artist who […]