April 30: Face of the day!

Just got done with #bbloggers chat and I just love Wednesdays! I think my fingers don’t move as fast as they do for that hour at any other time in my life. haha. Okay, here’s today’s look! (oh, and, yes, I’m was totally chatting with awesome vampy lips!) Products: Eyebrows: Anastasia Brow Wiz in Granite […]

April 29: Face of the Day (Featuring Sephora Eyeshadow)

I can hardly believe it is the end of April. I feel like it was just April 1 the other night! I’ve been doing some stressful work lately and it just has my skin in tears. Which is good and bad. Bad because I have some abnormal breakouts. Good because I’ve been testing affordable masks! […]

Very Inspiring Blogger [A personal post]

I was nominated to do the Very Inspiring Blogger Tag by Tiny Tang at Life as a Petite. I’ve finally found a nice peaceful morning to work on this, so here we go. So below are just a few rules: 1.Thank and link the amazing person that nominated you. 2.List the rules as well and […]

Dior Addict Fluid Stick [Review]

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know one thing about me when it comes to lip products. For those of you who are new to my blog, this one this is…I hate lipgloss. Don’t like it. Won’t wear it. The man can’t make it! So, when I heard the words […]

April 26: Face of the Day (Sugarpill)

I’m still playing with my initial order of Sugarpill Makeup which included some loose shadows and the Cold Chemistry palette. I can tell you already that I’m going back for more colors – they are SO pigmented it is absolute insanity. You do have to be careful because a little goes a long way and […]

How To: Do My Kat Von D Chrysalis Eye Look [tutorial]

Okay, this is really the first eyeshadow tutorial I’ve done. I want to preface it by saying…it may look like a lot of steps but they are really quick steps so please do not be intimidated. If you have the right tools, you too can create any eyeshadow look you want! Also, you can skip […]

April 24: Eyes of the Day! (Sugarpill)

SO, my face is still in it’s really sensitive state and I’m still dealing with a few little breakouts. So, still not doing full face looks until my face clears up a bit. I will hopefully post a step-by-step tutorial on one of my Kat Von D eye looks for earlier this week tomorrow! Today […]