Cosmetology School: About 12 Weeks left!

Dearest friends! I am sorry for being rather absent from my blog the past 2 months. Our school has been going through a lot of changes and we’re all still getting used to things, which has taken me a bit away from my blog. But here is a bit of what I, personally, have been doing in…Cosmetology School.

At the beginning of March we had a little school runway contest. We had to work as a group, use only the limited supplies we were given, choose a “day on the calender,” and create an entire look from hair to makeup to outfit. My group of fabulous ladies chose the birthday of one of group members. She loves purple and silver. She also loves fall and apple orchards. So that was our inspiration if you will.


Here is our lovely model. I am especially proud because I created her dress (I helped with the hair too) but was really excited about her dress. We didn’t end up winning but she honestly looked like she was wearing real clothing. It was a fun day.

I’ve also been working on updos. If you’ve been reading my cosmetology journey from the beginning then you will know that my ultimate goal is Makeup Artistry. But I want to be able to deliver lets say…a photo shoot or a bride the whole package – hair and makeup. That means I really need to get some work in on getting updo comfortable. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve seen these.



Braids are the rage currently and so I am working especially hard to incorporate them into my work. To think, 10 months ago I had no idea how to do a french braid and now I can french brain, cornrow, fishtail and I’m working on getting a handle on more. The things you never thought you’d be able to do!

Lets see, I also submitted my work to a contest. Again, it was outfit, hair, makeup – the whole “shabang”. The focus of this contest was on hair color, so I kept makeup simple and focused on making her skin just glow. Then I tried to do something interesting with her hair. It was intense. Only 8hrs to do everything.


I just need to say my model was an AMAZING partner in this whole process. She kept me positive even when things were looking kinda grim at one point. And she just killed it during our photo session. Her looks were just on point.

Anyhow, that’s what has been going on at Cosmetology School! Hope you enjoyed the update.

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