Honing My Craft: Makeup Artistry

The weeks since school has passed have flown by. And I mean flown! I did end up taking a job at a local Salon & Spa. And for the time being I will be a Nail Therapist. Just a fancy nail for person who does mani’s and pedi’s. But I’m excited, it’s a more upscale salon that I had expected to work at and I am learning so much!

On the other side of things I am still working on PeacockBeauty Makeup Artistry. You may have noticed I have change my blog around a little to reflect that change. It’s been grand to take a step forward and get my own business off the ground. The dream is coming together. So I thought I’d take a moment to share my first test shoot with you.

My model, Sarah, is a former school mate of mine and probably one of the most talented hairstylists I know. She has the art. Fortunately, I have the makeup art and so we pair together well. Perhaps we will someday we will take the bridal world by storm!


We had intended on using a wedding dress but…she looked much better in this dress. Her makeup is all airbrushed and if you recall one of my poasts from last summer, I use KETT Airbrush system, which I love.


We had a great day. The light was starting to fade because we faffed about a bit too much at my house before heading out to the lovely Michigan State University campus. If you ever get a chance to come to central Michigan, the walk along the river is just gorgeous.


I will bring you more photos in the near future and perhaps start showing what I can do with hair as well. But first things first and that’s the makeup.


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