Hello, I’m Christine Scott and I’m a beauty and hair blogger online and mainstream websites. I have written 2 books on beauty through the last few years and never need to write yet another! I’ve got two kids and a tiny poodle. When I first began writing, It is endlessly interesting, always changing and I’m never lacking for subject matter.

I began my own Peacock beauty blog to initiate somewhere to chat about experiences and products in a way that simply was not possible in publications or newspapers: I wished to say whether a product was crap rather than simply discretely’not mention it’. . Basically, I’d gathered a lot of product understanding and it was all sitting in my mind doing nothing, so along came this site.

Besides, I prefer to showcase products that I believe are exceptional, beautiful, and fascinating. In addition to provide a no holds barred point of view for products which are not so great. My idea is that if a brand is requesting money for a product which does not perform the job, is not value added for the market, is all smoke and mirrors, so they will need to go away and create a much better one and never expect no one to mention it is in fact not very good.