Douglas J Aveda Salon Culture Clash Beauty Event and Haul!

Last night I attended the Culture Clash Beauty event at my Douglas J Salon where I get my hair done. It was a great evening! Okay, so the event came with a facial cleanse and makeup application. Aveda was showing off their Spring 2014 collection, which by the way is LOVELY. Totally check it out.

My cleanse was relaxing and a perfect way to get my evening started. Well, I actually got it started with some moscato, but that’s beside the point. But the true highlight of the evening was my makeup application.

My makeup artist for the evening was the fabulous Denitra Townsend. She was SO funny and just all around wonderful to chat with. She also has the MOST amazing pair of Nine West brown heeled boots. I will covet them forever because she got them three years ago and I almost cried when I realized I wouldn’t be able to snag a pair for myself. Somehow I shall live but I’m not sure how. Anyhow, back to makeup!

So here is my look: (I’m not sad – I was just concentrating because my camera was doing…peculiar things)
Cosmetics Aveda

It is the perfect pop of color lip and neutral eye combo. I loved it but the ultimate test was the husband test, and he loved it too! So, three cheers for Danitra!

Here is a close up of my eyes. 
Spring 2014

Another eye, with some cheek in it (omg, she used the perfect cool pink color on my cheeks, how did she know?!?! Cool pink blush obsession in full swing)
Aveda Eyeshadow

And finally, the lips (I was scared of lip color and then I fell in love, pure love. Also, Danitra did an ombre look for me using a neutral pencil and then filled in with the pretty pink color)

Danitra was convinced I looked like a barbie, lol, and I’m totally okay with that. :D Latina Barbie here I am!

Okay, so here is the haul. I couldn’t resist. I love eye shadow and they had new colors. And I love lipstick. And…blush. I am single handedly (is that a word!?) stimulating the economy via makeup purchases.

1. Eyeshadow
This is Burnished Bronze and Peony Blush (the eye combo I am actually wearing in the above photos)

This is Seafoam and Aquamarine. (there are two other colors in the new collection but one was a light lilac and the other an olive – just not for me)

Here are swatches of the shadows – they are soft and SO blendable. Love them!

2. Blush
So this trio can be used as three separate colors or mixed to create a super color. Danitra used the one on the far left on me. I was worried the middle was too coral but to be honest, I love all three of these colors on the skin.


3. Lips
I was super worried about this lip color when I looked at it online. It was SO pink but it actually is a really great formula that sheers out on the lips and really looks quite different on everyone I saw wearing it, including Danitra.

Here is a really strong swatch on my hand, but as you saw from my lips, it isn’t that intense.

4. Face
Finally, I bought the Mineral Tinted Moisture bb lotion in Aspen (I just love light formulas!)


So to sum up my experience: It was freaking awesome! I will totally attend another event should there be one. I wore Aveda products on my wedding day and this was my first purchase, I’m already hooked.


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