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Everyone dreams of getting flawless flowing hair! However, if you’re a hair-obsessed individual who really does not have any time for hair maintenance, smoothing will function as a genie in a bottle for you! It’s possible to find this remedy done before any large event, and you’re all set to reverse that beautiful mane of yours. Sure, it is going to make you seem all prim and proper. But you also ought to understand in regards with many consequences. In case you’ve already experienced smoothing therapy, this can be the time to rethink getting it done . However, if you’re a first-timer, cease and admit these unwanted effects. I am confident that you will thank me in the end of the report! So, settle back and relax, I will take you through this whole procedure.


Also Called keratin smoothing and


Afterward, a washing remedy is applied to a hairloss. Your hair is subsequently blow-dried and harshly flat ironed in a high temperature. This makes a watertight seal which assists the hair strands keep their brand new arrangement for 3 to 6 weeks.

Keratin hair remedies may provide Desired effects, but they also include their own group of damaging side effects.


Allow Me to run you :


  1. Chronic Hair Fall


Hair drop may or may not influence your Attractiveness, but one wants to consider beyond the aesthetic element of it. In the end, it might be a indication of deteriorating health.


Hair drop is the most Frequent complication of hair smoothing. The excess use of damaging substances and warmth makes the hair follicles feeble and detach in the roots, causing baldness to fall.


Baldness is the most frequent complication of baldness. The excess use of damaging substances and warmth makes the hair follicles feeble and detach in the roots, causing baldness to fall.



Remedies can lead to nausea and dizziness. You may also feel a burning sensation close to your eyes and itching on your larynx. Your hair and scalp can also be influenced by this therapy.

Your own entire body, and it’s more likely to damage. Considering that the compounds aren’t supposed to get anything but your own hair, casual skin contact may cause allergies or blisters in your scalp, face, and throat. Hair smoothing remedies also use a chemical known as formaldehyde, making the skin layer of skin rough, itchy, and red.


  1. Damage To The Pure Hair Masks


When we were small, we adored our hair, irrespective, of its feel. However, as we climbed up, fascination seeped in and forced us experience harmful procedures to produce our own hair accepted’parlor-ready.’


From the smoothing Therapy, the amino Therefore, the organic feel of your own locks is missing.


  1. Intense Dryness


Keratin treatment Singapore smoothing sure will make it easy For one to take care of your wild curls to your first couple of months. But it might cause intense dryness after a couple of washes. The toxins that change the structure of the hair strands also harm them from root to tip. Another cause of dryness is that the seeping of compounds into the scalp, which makes its surface flaky. The sediments of these toxins which stay in the hair strands make them fragile. For this reason, it’s crucial to oil your hair regularly to prevent dryness.


  1. Split Ends


The moment you find one split finish, you Understand an entire army of split ends is near its heels! And eliminating these (without cutting off your own hair ) may take anywhere from a couple of weeks to months. Adding your own hair to elevated temperature heat in a hair-smoothing treatment may cause split ends.


  1. Dandruff


Dandruff is, definitely, among the worst Hair issues to get. It takes all of the goodness and just wreak havoc on your bad scalp. Actually, dandruff may be the precursor to many other hair issues, including scalp inflammation.


Treatments collect as sediments on the entire scalp.

  1. Greasiness


Imagine waking up with fatty and smelly The excess use of hair creams and serums to keep smoothened baldness causes greasiness. Serums and lotions are often suggested to shield hair from harm, but with them too often may not succeed. Continuous greasiness may result in dandruff and other hair issues.


  1. Hair Thinning


However, in fact, it’s being subjected to several substances! In a smoothing therapy, the grade of your hair may reduce as a result of the breakage and thinness brought on by the high temperature of this iron.

  1. Hair Discoloration


Hair discoloration is also a severe complication Which you may not find immediately. Application of serums through the entire hair smoothing process, followed by powerful chemical-based shampoos which are suggested for you to post keratin therapy, may lead to premature graying of hair.


  1. Health Hazards


Beauty has its fair share of Bags, and wellness problems are among these. The compounds used in keratin Smoothing may lead to lung issues and skin ailments. Inhalation of those chemical compounds may result in difficulty in breathing and other respiratory issues.


Individuals with sensitive skin Have to Be additional


  1. Anxiety


Let us be true — hair smoothing needs a Lot of devotion. A whole lot of effort has to be placed into keeping smoothened hair and making it appear flawless. The stress induced in optimizing every strand may have a toll on you. And of course, the huge bucks you’ll want to spend on particular serums and shampoos to be sure the smoothing effect doesn’t fade away.


As the old expression goes, Healthful hair is a To get perfect hair, you have to locate a balance between artificial and natural hair care remedies. There are constantly alternative, all-natural choices to care for your hair rather than keratin smoothing.


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Is keratin treatment great for hair?


Keratin smoothing treatment entails high Keratin is generally combined with formaldehyde and implemented to your own hair, followed by horizontal ironing it in 450o F. This may have a harmful effect on your scalp and hair. Consequently, keratin hair smoothing is bad for your hairloss.


If your hair expands a hair treatment Singapore, it may seem to work miracles and make your hair appear shiny and glossy the first couple of times. However, after a couple of washes, the glow wears out, and your hair gets dry and begins breaking. Additionally, this may cause split ends.


Is looking great for thin hair?


We recommend not planning for hair smoothing Treatment when you’ve got thin locks since it leaves the hair strands finer and Contributes to breakage. If You’re Looking for a remedy to Decrease frizzy hair and add Glow, it’s far better to go for organic homemade remedies.