Kett Airbrush Certification

Recently I attended a certification class on using the Kett Cosmetics, the creator of a professional airbrush system. I attended this certification class at the Michigan Makeup Academy – they provide professional makeup classes as well as workshops (I’m so happy I’ve found them even though I live 90 minutes away!). They also work with Muse Beauty to provide the Kett airbrush level 1, 2, and 3 certification classes.

Many bloggers I’ve come across use Belletto Studio airbrush compressors and products. Belletto is similar to Kett in that their airbrush products are water based rather than silicone based. This is a good thing because silicone – while providing a barrier – actually makes the face quite “slippery” when incorporated into cosmetics. Anyhow, where was I…oh yes, water based. Kett, however, boasts professional certification as well as being a choice airbrush system of makeup artists and beauty professionals.

Brian, a certified Kett airbrush instructor, cosmetologist, and makeup artist, who works at Muse Beauty, was our instructor for the event. Now there are only a handful of certified teachers so the class locations are varied and spread out. I was really pleased that Brian was our instructor because not only did he know the ins and outs of the Kett airbrush system (and company) but was a wealth of information on the beauty industry in general. He is a professional and a natural teacher/public speaker, being both instructive and humorous at the same time. He is also just a brilliant artist.

Our class included plenty of product information. Kett has three levels of products: a water based airbrush formula, an alcohol based airbrush formula, and a waterproof cream based products. That’s a really simplistic way of explaining it but without getting too crazy – that’s the best way to explain it. We learned the basics of color matching with the system. Using the airbrush compressor and brush to create the basics of airbrush (dots and lines) and using them to airbrush a partners face. And then finally, how to take care of and clean our equipment (always important right?)

Kett Compressor


Kett Olive and Ruby hydro foundations


Beautiful Kett Metallics

So why airbrush? Airbrush provides the means of creating a flawless looking face using small dots of color to blur the skin and create that perfect, smooth skin look we all want in our wedding photos and on HD screens. As an aspiring cosmetologist and makeup artist – I feel it is extremely important for me to be able to airbrush professionally, especially for my future brides. I am also pleased to be able to work with my clients as a certified airbrush artist and use a professional cosmetics line on their skin.

Expect to start seeing airbrush pictures. I came down with a nasty cold this week so I didn’t want to invite anyone into my germ fill home. :D I’m pretty stoked though and excited to get to work airbrushing!



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