Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Turbolight Dryer

I don’t really write about hair…or hot tools…but this post, is an ode to my hair dryer.

When I started taking clients my loving husband told me I could have a reward for my hard work thus far! I picked out the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Dry Turbolight Dryer and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I know what you’re thinking…it’s a flippin’ hair dryer, what could be so special about a hair dryer. And the truth is…a lot. I have a Diane hairdryer that came in my cosmetology kit and my Paul Mitchell dryer, kicks its BUTT!

Here’s what my beauty looks like:


What makes this dryer so special you ask?

  1. Well, first it comes with two concentrators. One has a smaller opening than the other. Just helps sometimes if you’re really trying to get to a certain area (for example, I work with a lot of thick, coarse, ethic hair and I really need to get at the roots).
  2. Okay, next is that it is actually feather light. I mean I hold hold my Paul Mitchell and my Diane and woah, the difference is there. This is a really nice feature when you have you arm up in the air all day drying hair. Nough said.
  3. Next, the express ion aspect. This dryer is HOT. I mean on full blast, this baby can take lives! But it dries hair so flippin’ fast and leaves it SO smooth, that it’s just miraculous. I barely have to use my flat iron. I can do a full blow out and thermal press on really dense course hair in about half the time it took me with my Diane. I will say I’ve had some clients wriggle because of the heat and I’ve had to turn it down a bit lol. But yea, it does work!

If you’re in the market for a higher end dryer – dudettes, this Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Dry Turbolight beast is boss.

In other news, I really want to try the Buttercup dryer from DryBar. Mainly because its gorgeous and yellow but also because it sounds like a workhorse too!

Do you have a favorite hair dryer? Would you be interested in me speaking more frequently about hair “stuff”?



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