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    • : If you wish to contact me regarding products, please use the following email address:

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    I’m always excited to review products, especially the new and unusual. I will always approach a product with an open mind and enthusiasm for a new discovery.


    • The views on this blog are my own. I am not paid to promote products. At times I will have negative things to say about products. Other times I will have positive things to say, especially about products I buy over and over again.

I want my blog to remain a one of honesty and integrity, therefore my readers can always be assured that I will be 100% honest when reviewing products regardless of their original origin.

Items I receive gratis will be clearly marked with an asterisk (*) and a tag stating as such will be marked at the end of my blog.

I believe in being able to provide a broad view of beauty and makeup and thereofore, I purchase items on a continual basis using my own money.



    Content on my blog is mine, including photography, unless otherwise stated in which case credit will be given.